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Definition of "field-mouse" [field-mouse]

  • A name of several European species of mice, Mus sylvaticus, and sundry other species of the same genus, as the harvest-mouse, M. humilis. (noun)
  • An American species of meadow-mice. See Arvicola. (noun)

The Century Dictionary (Public Domain)

Use "field-mouse" in a sentence
  • "He did not "create a soul under the ribs of death," by tinkling siren sounds, or by piling up centos of poetical diction; but for the artificial flowers of poetry, he plucked the mountain-daisy under his feet; and a field-mouse, hurrying from its ruined dwelling, could inspire him with the sentiments of terror and pity."
  • "The field-mouse addressed got up on his legs, giggled shyly, looked round the room, and remained absolutely tongue-tied."
  • "Finally, there was a chink of coin passing from paw to paw, the field-mouse was provided with an ample basket for his purchases, and off he hurried, he and his lantern."