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Definition of "ferric" [fer•ric]

  • Of, relating to, or containing iron, especially with valence 3 or a valence higher than in a corresponding ferrous compound. (adjective)

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Use "ferric" in a sentence
  • "Hydrochloric acid, for example, with chalybite (ferrous carbonate) will give a solution of _ferrous_ chloride; with hæmatite (ferric oxide) it will yield _ferric_ chloride; and with magnetite (ferrous and ferric oxides) a mixture of ferrous and ferric chlorides."
  • "Zerenex, the compound Keryx is developing, is an iron-based compound called ferric citrate, which we believe could potentially lower the pill burden by a third to a half for patients that have to take the phosphate binders when compared to the other drugs in the market as well, beyond Renagel/Renvela."
  • "The magnetic component of the direction-giving nanoparticles is usually an iron-based compound called ferric oxide which is coated in a biocompatible surface, sometimes using, for example, fatty acids, to provide stability during the particles journey through one's body."
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