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Definition of "feld" [feld]

  • An obsolete form of field. (noun)
  • An obsolete spelling of felled, preterit of fell.
  • Obsolete forms of fold.

The Century Dictionary (Public Domain)

Use "feld" in a sentence
  • "I remember that I feld disappointed with the film though, which was not unexpected since I've been there before with all the TNG-era feature films."
  • "DoS INL directly contracted with DynCorp International to provide 690 International Police Liaison Offcers (IPLOs) who provide assessment, training, and mentoring functions for Iraqi police in the feld."
  • "“Mageyfe in dorf” (An Epidemic in the Village), “A shed in feld” (A Demon in the Field), “Der letster veg” (The Last Road)."