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Definition of "feeling-tone" []

  • In psychology, affective experience, as referred to the intellectual experience which it accompanies and colors; more especially, simple affection, as referred to the sensation which it thus accompanies, and of which, in some psychological systems, it is even regarded as an attribute; affective tone. (noun)

The Century Dictionary (Public Domain)

Use "feeling-tone" in a sentence
  • "Whatever the "feeling-tone" of this experience is, just note it attentively, without judgment; stay with it for a couple of breaths, and see if it shifts, or intensifies, or ebbs."
  • "Pure sensations, according to Wundt, display three differentiae: quality, intensity, and “feeling-tone”"
  • "She was not in the dark room then, but poised at the edge of a brightness which seemed featureless and without limit, spread out around her with a feeling-tone like “sea” or “sky.”"