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Definition of "face-plate" [face-plate]

  • A true-plate used to test a plane surface. (noun)
  • A plate used as a cover or shield for any object subject to shock or abrasion. (noun)
  • The disk attached to the revolving spindle of a lathe to which the piece to be turned is often fastened. (noun)
  • The cover of a journal-box on a railroad-car. (noun)
  • The outer plate, or web, which joins the rim and the hub of a car-wheel. (noun)

The Century Dictionary (Public Domain)

Use "face-plate" in a sentence
  • "He chinned the volume control and peered into the Lexan face-plate of Aerol's helmet."
  • "Bayley stared through her face-plate, and gradually the man-wolf, the wolf-man, darkened."
  • " features 5-6 new TV Spots jason B i'm sorry, but 'face-plate' optimus prime might be the coolest & most badass looking character i've ever to 'no-name' clint eastwood."