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Definition of "exploitable" []

  • Able to be exploited, especially commercially (adjective)
  • Easily fooled; credulous (adjective) : Text is available under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License

Use "exploitable" in a sentence
  • "While on the one hand, it's hard to fault the guy for making decisions that will make him, and his shareholders rich, by cranking out "exploitable" games, the fact is that of all the publishers out there, Activision is more than capable of weathering the inherent risks of making new and different games."
  • "Where do people get the idea that smart students are supposed to be some kind of exploitable resource whose primary role is to help the rest of the school?"
  • "The redacted version of "Saddam and Terrorism" is the most definitive public assessment to date from the Harmony program, the trove of "exploitable" documents, audio and video records, and computer files captured in Iraq."