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Definition of "ewer" [ew•er]

  • A pitcher, especially a decorative one with a base, an oval body, and a flaring spout. (noun)

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Use "ewer" in a sentence
  • "Now in this state of things, the general mode of eating must either have been with the spoon or the fingers; and this perhaps may have been the reason that spoons became an usual present from gossips to their god-children at christenings [78]; and that the bason and ewer, for washing before and after dinner, was introduced, whence the _ewerer_ was a great officer [79], and the _ewery_ is retained at Court to this day [80]; we meet with _damaske water_ after dinner [81], I presume, perfumed; and the words _ewer_ &c. plainly come from the"
  • "And a basin and ewer on the only unbroken table in the room."
  • "A Syrian bronze ewer from the eighth to early ninth century, for example, combines the shape of an earlier Byzantine glass bottle with vegetal designs inherited from third- to seventh-century Iran."