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Definition of "euphoric" []

  • Feeling great well-being or elation or intense happiness; characterized by euphoria. (adjective)
  • A drug that causes euphoria; a euphoriant. (noun) : Text is available under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License

Use "euphoric" in a sentence
  • "One morning in late 1996, Taylor, a research scientist who worked at the Harvard Brain Tissue Resource Center (a.k.a., the Brain Bank), awoke with a sharp pain behind her left eye, and soon enough — as her speech and motor functions failed her, as she melted into what she called a euphoric stupor and lost all sense of where “Dr. Jill” ended and the rest of the universe began — she realized this was no ordinary headache."
  • "I never felt euphoric from the codeine I was taking (and in fact, it DID NOT even get rid of the occasional headache or sore neck), but I expect it helped a little."
  • "While it may be a welcomed near term euphoric shot in the arm, this is analogous to looking down the road at the high cost (pain factor) to pay/endure as there is analogously from withdrawal from any addictive drug."