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Definition of "embourgeoisement" [embourgeoisement]

  • Conversion to bourgeois values, loyalties, or tastes. (noun)

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Use "embourgeoisement" in a sentence
  • "David Marquand, one of the central themes of the golden age was 'embourgeoisement': the spread to the working class of the job security, career ladders and lifestyles which had formerly been the prerogatives of the middle class."
  • "We must therefore accept with all reserve the statements of those anarchizing socialists and bourgeois radicals who accuse the Socialist Party of "embourgeoisement" because it contains a certain number of small manufacturers and small traders."
  • "It was the old Time formula that I remembered from more than 50 years ago when I tired of and stopped reading its treacle that recorded every week the latest milestone in the inexorable march of mid-America toward its apotheosis of gelatinous, platitudinous, universal, and permanent embourgeoisement: a premonitory Pleasantville."
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