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Definition of "egg-cell" [egg-cell]

  • An ovum; an ovule; an egg itself, when it is in the cell stage, or state of a cell, as a nucleated mass of protoplasm, with or without a nucleolus, and with or without a cell-wall, but ordinarily possessing both. See ovum. (noun)

The Century Dictionary (Public Domain)

Use "egg-cell" in a sentence
  • "Bone marrow may be source of new egg-cell generation in adult mammals"
  • "It is possible for a female robot to be implanted with a human egg-cell that can be fertilized internally by a human male, and for her to nourish that cell in the laboratory of her body and birth it in the human fashion, becoming a surrogate mother to his child."
  • "This in spite of the fact that the tiny paternal germ-cell is the only medium of transmission of the paternal qualities, while the mother furnishes the much larger egg-cell, and feeds him throughout the embryonic period."