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Definition of "echolocation" [echolocation]

  • A sensory system in certain animals, such as bats and dolphins, in which usually high-pitched sounds are emitted and their echoes interpreted to determine the direction and distance of objects. (noun)
  • Electronics A process for determining the location of objects by emitting sound waves and analyzing the waves reflected back to the sender by the object. (noun)

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Use "echolocation" in a sentence
  • "The fact that you can use the word echolocation in such a casually appropriate and witty way in your blog post...well, it makes me want to squee! squee!"
  • "The incredible change, his mother said, is owed to a technique called echolocation, similar to the method used by dolphins and bats, that allows Lucas to paint a picture of his surroundings using sound he creates himself."
  • "Bats use a process called echolocation to locate and catch prey."