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Definition of "dyad" [dy•ad]

  • Two individuals or units regarded as a pair: the mother-daughter dyad. (noun)
  • Biology One pair of homologous chromosomes resulting from the division of a tetrad during meiosis. (noun)
  • Chemistry A divalent atom or radical. (noun)
  • Mathematics A function that draws a correspondence from any vector u to the vector (v·u)w and is denoted vw, where v and w are a fixed pair of vectors and v·u is the scalar product of v and u. For example, if v = (2,3,1), w = (0,-1,4), and u = (a,b,c), then the dyad vw draws a correspondence from u to (2a + 3b + c)w. (noun)
  • Mathematics A tensor formed from a vector in a vector space and a linear functional on that vector space. (noun)

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Use "dyad" in a sentence
  • "For example, "the dyad" is the term Murray used for the experiment he performed on Kaczynski and other students."
  • "The rake/victim dyad is organized around the cultural power that men have and women do not."
  • "The more powerful person in a dyad is the one who has the license to touch."