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Definition of "dripping-pan" [dripping-pan]

  • A pan for receiving the fat which drips from meat in roasting. (noun)

The Century Dictionary (Public Domain)

Use "dripping-pan" in a sentence
  • "We are tolarably well, and Rob today was proposing a plan to make a circular dripping-pan which should be able to baste the meat of its own accord without any trouble to the cook."
  • "Widow Precious had plenty of sharp sense to tell her that her children were by no means “pretty dears” to anybody but herself, and to herself only when in a very soft state of mind; at other times they were but three gew-mouthed lasses, and two looby loons with teeth enough for crunching up the dripping-pan."
  • "Take a beast kidney with a little fat on, and stuff it all around, season it with a little pepper and salt, wrap it in a kell, and put it upon the spit with a little water in the dripping-pan; what drops from your kidney thicken with a lump of butter and flour for your sauce."