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Definition of "dressing-case" [dressing-case]

  • A box containing certain requisites for the toilet, as combs, shaving apparatus, hair-, tooth-, and nail-brushes, pomatum, etc. (noun)

The Century Dictionary (Public Domain)

Use "dressing-case" in a sentence
  • "I found him hovering about my luggage, wedging my dressing-case securely upright by means of my little automatic rifle."
  • "My father has kindly presented me with the pretty gewgaws a girl loves — a dressing-case, toilet service, scent-box, fan, sunshade, prayer-book, gold chain, cashmere shawl."
  • "There was writing in his dressing-case, writing in his boots, writing among his shaving-tackle, writing in his hat-box, writing folded away down among the very whalebones of his umbrella."