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Definition of "dotter" []

  • A tool for making dots; specifically, a small instrument, made in various forms, used in graining for imitating the eyes of bird's-eye maple. (noun)
  • In naval use, an apparatus used to train gun-pointers to aim accurately at a target. (noun)

The Century Dictionary (Public Domain)

Use "dotter" in a sentence
  • "As more and more of us approach dotter age, the need for elder-care becomes that much more pressing."
  • "Glad she hazza all beddur. {{{nightshade and dotter}}}"
  • "N I wood liek 2 tayk dis opper-tuna-tee 2 fank evvywun hoo givded teh whale wheeshiz 2 mai noo dotter, eevur heer awn ICHC oar awn teh Cheez Town Cryer."