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Definition of "dog-headed" [dog•-head•ed]

  • Having a head shaped like that of a dog; -- said of certain baboons. (adjective)

Gnu Collaboartive International Dictionary of English: licensed under The Code Project Open License (CPOL)

Use "dog-headed" in a sentence
  • "Image: Traditional eastern depiction of a dog-headed St. Christopher: an icon from the Byzantine Museum, Athens."
  • "It was in a comment at ShukerNature that I read about a dog-headed image of St. Christopher and did a quick Google search to come up with the image above different than the image mentioned in the comment!"
  • "Originally a warrior god, Upuaut is variously represented as a dog-headed, jackal-headed, or even wolf-headed man who leads the funeral cortege at the festivals of Osiris."