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Definition of "difform" [dif•form]

  • Irregular in form; not uniform; anomalous or dissimilar (adjective) : Text is available under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License

Use "difform" in a sentence
  • "In furnishing examples of motions that are “uniformly difform” (i.e., uniformly accelerated) with respect to time, Soto explicitly men - tions that freely falling bodies accelerate uniformly as they fall and that projectiles (presumably thrown up - ward) undergo a uniform deceleration; thus he saw the distance in both cases to be a function of the time of travel."
  • "Noteworthy is the commentary of Gaetano da Thiene, who illustrated much of Heytesbury's abstract reason - ing on uniform and difform motions with examples drawn from nature and from artifacts that might be constructed from materials close at hand."
  • "In its early stages the literary and humanistic preoccupations and the conviction of the vast superi - ority of antiquity to anything offered by the medievals no doubt led to the neglect of some interesting medie - val inquiries e.g., those into “uniform difform” (uni - formly accelerated) motions just as the logical, cosmo - logical, and theological preoccupations of the thirteenth century had probably retarded a literary renascence."