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Definition of "didacticism" [di•dac•ti•cism]

  • An artistic philosophy that emphasises instructional and informative qualities over mere entertainment. (noun)
  • A work, statement, etc. of this kind. (noun) : Text is available under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License

Use "didacticism" in a sentence
  • "We are reticent for the same reason the You of the story is; didacticism is something to be suspicious of."
  • "And the problem I do have with overt didacticism is less with its frequent technical clumsiness, where swatches of sermons or lessons are just slapped into the story, then it is with the way it reminds readers Who Is In Charge."
  • "I meant hunted not haunted looks. but H, where I disagree with you about octavian nothing and with roger about all writers engaging in a subtle form of didacticism is that in allegory as well as in didactic books, the author starts out knowing what he wants to say and he tells or teaches it to the reader."