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Definition of "dichroism" [di•chro•ism]

  • Chemistry The property possessed by some solutions of showing different colors at different concentrations. (noun)
  • Chemistry The property possessed by some crystals of exhibiting two different colors when viewed along different axes. (noun)

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Use "dichroism" in a sentence
  • "He also studied the orientation of purines and pyrimidines in tobacco mosaic virus and in nucleic acids, by measuring the ultraviolet dichroism of oriented specimens, and he studied, with the visible-light polarizing microscope, the arrangement of virus particles in crystals of TMV and measured dry mass in cells with interference microscopes."
  • "And as in some real rubies there are found slight hollows corresponding or analogous to the bubbles found in melted glass, it becomes a matter of great difficulty to distinguish the real from the imitation by such tests as hardness, specific gravity, dichroism, and the like, so that in such a case, short of risking the ruin of the stone, ordinary persons are unable to apply any convincing tests."
  • "This stone is doubly refracting, exhibiting extremely strong dichroism, especially in the blue and the green varieties."