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Definition of "diatonic" [di•a•ton•ic]

  • Music Of or using only the seven tones of a standard scale without chromatic alterations. (adjective)

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Use "diatonic" in a sentence
  • "There are many types of button accordions, usually with the buttons arranged in diatonic rows."
  • "One genus was called the diatonic; one example of this is the Pythagorean diatonic described above, which is built on the tetrachord with the intervals 9: 8, 9: 8 and 256: 243 and was used by Philolaus and Plato."
  • "Each speller and each reader went through the whole gamut of sounds, from low up to high, and from high down to low again; sometimes by regular ascension and descension, one note at a time, sounding what musicians call the diatonic intervals; at other times, going up and coming down upon the perfect fifths only."