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Definition of "dextrin" [dex•trin]

  • Any of various soluble polysaccharides obtained from starch by the application of heat or acids and used mainly as adhesives and thickening agents. (noun)

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Use "dextrin" in a sentence
  • "It was formerly believed that by the action of diastase on starch the latter is first converted into a gummy substance termed dextrin, which is then subsequently transformed into a sugar -- glucose."
  • "At the entrance to the store, leaflets were promoting cut-price alcohol with free mobile phone deals; the aisle ends had special offers for Nestlé's coffee-style caffeine drink Ricoffy listing dextrin (a starch sugar) and dextrose (a form of sugar) as its two main ingredients, and Nestlé's Cremora, a coffee creamer whose principle ingredients are glucose syrup solids and palm fat."
  • "In addition, the combination of glucose and fructose and some maltose, melezitose and dextrin makes honey an excellent source of caloric energy."