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Definition of "detriment" []

  • Damage, harm, or loss: took a long leave of absence without detriment to her career. See Synonyms at disadvantage. (noun)
  • Something that causes damage, harm, or loss: Smoking is now considered a detriment to good health. (noun)

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Use "detriment" in a sentence
  • "Just to belabor the point a bit, the word "detriment" comes from the Latin de - "away" + terere "to rub, wear," and has the connotation of impair or injure."
  • "For starters, we can accept, without cynicism, that the poor, like you and I, are irrational economic actors who sometimes make short-term decisions to their long-term detriment."
  • "The tipping point, as will be to our serious detriment, is Israeli intervention in Iran, and that is coming soon."