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Definition of "deterministic" [de•ter•min•ist•ic]

  • Of, or relating to determinism (adjective)
  • Having at most one instruction associated with any given internal state (adjective)
  • Having exactly predictable time evolution. (adjective)
  • Having each state depend only on the immediately previous state, as opposed to having some states depend on backtracking where there may be multiple possible next actions and no way to choose between them except by trying each one and backtracking upon failure. (adjective) : Text is available under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License

Use "deterministic" in a sentence
  • "Algorithmic means we can describe it in deterministic detail: i.e. "given this condition, this outcome will happen"."
  • "But in reality, isn’t each trial totally deterministic from the moment the coin is tossed?"
  • "Reductionism was the outcome of combining the atomism that early modern physicists took over from Epicureanism with the notion of deterministic laws of physics."