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Definition of "desiccative" []

  • Causing to desiccate, dry (adjective) : Text is available under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License

Use "desiccative" in a sentence
  • "At their return they did eat more soberly at supper than at other times, and meats more desiccative and extenuating; to the end that the intemperate moisture of the air, communicated to the body by a necessary confinitive, might by this means be corrected, and that they might not receive any prejudice for want of their ordinary bodily exercise."
  • "-- When frequently extinguished in water, it imparts a considerable desiccative power to it."
  • "Thirdly, we must apply to the bedsore a large plaster made of the desiccative red ointment and of Unguentum Comitissoe, equal parts, mixed together, to ease his pain and dry the ulcer; and he must have a little pillow of down, to keep all pressure off it."
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