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Definition of "deprotonation" [deprotonation]

  • The removal of a proton (hydrogen ion) from a molecule to form a conjugate base (noun) : Text is available under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License

Use "deprotonation" in a sentence
  • "The droplet leaches its acid into the surrounding solution, losing hydrogen ions in a process known as deprotonation - a process that affects the surface tension of the droplet itself."
  • "Those tiny pH differences affect the amount of deprotonation that happens at the front and rear of the droplet, and this asymmetry sets up a surface tension gradient that forces the droplet into motion."
  • "Two recent articles published by Baker's team in collaboration with several other leading protein research groups reveal exciting early progress on this front, including the successful design of a novel enzyme that catalyzes the Kemp elimination, a chemical reaction involving the deprotonation of a carbon atom."