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Definition of "decubitus" [de•cu•bi•tus]

  • A bedsore. (noun)
  • The posture of someone in bed, or reclining. (noun)
  • A position assumed in lying down. (noun) : Text is available under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License

Use "decubitus" in a sentence
  • "The semi-recumbent position held sway in Europe before the time of the obstetric chair, and after a period of great popularity soon disappeared, although its traces remained, especially in the slowly progressing country districts, until the last thirty or forty years, when it finally yielded completely to the dorsal decubitus, which is now almost universal among civilized people."
  • "This technology has been applied to many different types of wounds, including chronic radiation ulcers, donor site wounds (the site where a skin graft has been taken from to be used on a wound at a different location), chronic ulcers in diabetics, pressure wounds (such as decubitus ulcers from when a patient who cannot move on their own may lay on one part of their body and have pressure between their bones and the surface they lie on cause a wound), traumatic and surgical wounds, certain abdominal wounds, as well as many others."
  • "Nosocomial infections (hospital induced) by MRSA are not limited to those with decubitus ulcers (bed sores)."