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Definition of "dead person" [dead person]

  • Someone who is no longer alive (noun)

WordNet. Princeton University. 2010.

Use "dead person" in a sentence
  • "The soul after death went to the "kingdom of the animals", where for a long time it w andered about being assisted or attacked by the animals, according as the dead person had been kind or cruel to them in life."
  • "One man makes his worship to consist in abstinence from flesh, another in pilgrimages, a third in sanctifyingcertain days by the use of sackcloth, or by other things of the same kind; and not to God only do they make their vows, but also admit any dead person they please into a participation of this honor."
  • "The other dead person whom the apostle raised to life, was a young man, and a Christian, who died at Mutan, on the same coast, betwixt Carjapatan and Alicale."