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Definition of "dawdling" [dawdling]

  • Present participle of dawdle. (verb) : Text is available under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License

Use "dawdling" in a sentence
  • "Given the ineptitudes that followed — the Nannygate flap over Attorney General — designate Zoe Baird, gays in the military, Whitewater's first stirrings, the Mogadishu debacle — his dawdling is understandable."
  • "I know you couldn't have like the word "dawdling" - but there was no such hesitation the 1st time around for the 21,000 troops (which was a 40% increase, then) and now I believe that the delay was purely a PR stunt, to make it seem like he's agonizing (as much as that's possible, from his 2 weeks at Cape Cod to being in a tuxedo, 2-3x a week) ..."
  • "HENRY: There's also risks political risks for Democrats if they appear to be dawdling, which is why they're also sounding a rare note of bipartisanship."
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