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Definition of "daisy" []

  • Any of several plants of the composite family, especially a widely naturalized Eurasian plant (Chrysanthemum leucanthemum) having flower heads with a yellow center and white rays. Also called oxeye daisy, white daisy. (noun)
  • A low-growing European plant (Bellis perennis) having flower heads with pink or white rays. Also called English daisy. (noun)
  • The flower head of any of these plants. (noun)
  • Slang One that is deemed excellent or notable. (noun)

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Use "daisy" in a sentence
  • "That is what you called a daisy-cutter, and so we have also had that 15,000-pound munition in this fight."
  • "A lot of families bring kids along in daisy chains, some of them on small bikes, Big Wheels and trainers."
  • "The daisy is a visual icon for what Green Works is about."
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