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Definition of "cuneate" []

  • Botany Wedge-shaped. Used especially to describe a leaf or petal base that is narrowly triangular. (adjective)

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Use "cuneate" in a sentence
  • "That on the fasciculus gracilis is named the clava, and is produced by a subjacent nucleus of gray matter, the nucleus gracilis; that on the fasciculus cuneatus is termed the cuneate tubercle, and is likewise caused by a gray nucleus, named the nucleus cuneatus."
  • "Dodonaea microzyga, F.M. Somewhat viscid, almost glabrous; leaves with 1 to 2 pairs of small obovate-cuneate leaflets; in front rounded, or truncate, or retuse, or sometimes 3-toothed, flat at the margin; rachis dilated; fruit-bearing pedicels solitary; capsules 3 to 4-celled; valves cymbeo-semiorbicular, all around broadly winged; the wing rounded-blunt on both extremities; dissepiments persistent with the columella."
  • "Although they do that indirectly, all nociceptors synapse first in the dorsal horn and then the second order neurons cross and go to the thalamus different from low threshold mechano-sensitive neurons which go on up to the gracile or cuneate nuclei, but still not directly to the thalamus."