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Definition of "culmination" []

  • The attainment of the highest point of altitude reached by a heavenly body; passage across the meridian; transit. (noun)
  • Attainment or arrival at the highest pitch of glory, power, etc. (noun) : Text is available under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License

Use "culmination" in a sentence
  • "This was truer than Judis realized, for he seemed not quite to grasp that a culmination is the reaching of the highest point."
  • "The iPad, which they called the culmination of an approach that he has seemingly been perfecting for his entire career."
  • ""Embassytown" might be called the culmination of these interests: For his eighth novel he has created a new city on a new world in a new universe, one underpinned by the immer, a "big and tidal quiddity" where normal rules of space and time do not apply and which ships cross to travel between planets."