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Definition of "cowen" [cowen]

  • Eighteenth-century spelling of cowan (one uninitiated in the secrets of Freemasonry). (noun) : Text is available under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License

Use "cowen" in a sentence
  • "Jan. Party of continental militia under gen. davidson defeated at m'cowen's ford, ii."
  • "Posted January 16, 2004 4: 21 PM drk writes: well so are vaccinations and fireworks/national defense. tyler cowen said it, "The imperfections of market solutions to public goods problems must be weighed against the imperfections of government solutions." and it's become increasingly germane to discussions on 'intellectual property' (IP) and information economics."
  • "Some more on one interesting Google search term that lead people to my site recently: brian cowen jewish - For which this blog comes 8th in the Google France search."
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