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Definition of "countrie" [countrie]

  • Obsolete spelling of country. (noun) : Text is available under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License

Use "countrie" in a sentence
  • "Malcolme king of Scots, for that his countrie was the onelie place wherein all the mal-contents of his realme had their refuge."
  • "Supporters of Israel and their neo-cons and Christian fantics have advocated and welcomed the so called ‘war-on-terror’, war against Afghnistan, Iraq, Palestnians, Pakistan, and more to come muslim countrie, torture, Abu Ghrib which was not few bad apples as they said but an official policy, rounding innocent muslims and sendig them God only Knows where, etc in order for the hostilities between the US and the Muslim world to continue unabated."
  • "But this exactly what has been happenning because many Americans believed it was their obligation to do so in order to save the people of other countrie."