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Definition of "costliness" [cost•li•ness]

  • The characteristic of being costly. (noun) : Text is available under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License

Use "costliness" in a sentence
  • "Unsatisfied with off-the-rack roman shades — too dinky and un-luxe — and horrified by custom curtain costliness, I noticed the industrial roller shade, an undervalued player on the scene."
  • "a Puritan chronicler, whose book _The Anatomy of Abuses_ is a valuable aid to the study of Tudor social history, and Harrison, whose description of England prefaces Holinshed's Chronicles, both deal in detail with the Italian menace, and condemn in good set terms the costliness in dress and the looseness in morals which they laid to its charge."
  • "These are related since, while almost anyone can potentially gain economically from the Internet, whether through accessing work and learning opportunities at a distance or using online services for local projects, the costliness of Internet access may prevent many people from ever gaining the skills to take advantage of the online world."