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Definition of "copperhead" [cop•per•head]

  • A venomous snake (Agkistrodon contortrix) of the eastern and central United States, having a reddish-brown body marked with darker crossbands arranged in an hourglass pattern. (noun)
  • A Northerner who sympathized with the South during the Civil War. (noun)

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Use "copperhead" in a sentence
  • "After years of handling snakes I still get the willies form snakes. rattlesnakes usually give you a warning but the silent copperhead is just out to get ya. so I guess copperheads are my 2nd biggest fear of the outdoors."
  • "The copperhead is plentiful here if you get to rocky areas, especially camping areas of the cons.dept. in Ozarks."
  • "The copperhead is a poisonous serpent, that gives no warning of its approach, and hence is a type of a concealed or secret foe."