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Definition of "conger" []

  • Any of various large scaleless marine eels of the family Congridae, especially Conger oceanicus, native to Atlantic waters. (noun)

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Use "conger" in a sentence
  • "As very large eels, after having migrated, never return to the river again, they must (for it cannot be supposed that they all die immediately in the sea) remain in salt water; and there is great probability that they are then confounded with the conger, which is found from a few ounces to one hundred pounds in weight."
  • "You're going to hear a lot of noise from the conservatives and the religious right spouting a lot of stuff and nonsense that the only way to raise a family is with a mommy and a daddy and picket fences and station wagons and all the other patriarchal stereotypes that they conger up."
  • "The food court here is a fantastic place for an informal lunch, featuring all manner of barely recognisable sea critters, from spiky sea urchins to conger eel."