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Definition of "commonsensible" []

  • Having or manifesting common or good sense; intelligent; discriminating: as, a commonsensible person or opinion.

The Century Dictionary (Public Domain)

Use "commonsensible" in a sentence
  • "Although she had received it originally from Mrs. Hutchins even before the matter had been broached to Hazel, she had not questioned the wisdom of the move, but had accepted the role of advocate assigned to her as if the proceeding were very ordinary and commonsensible."
  • "I now hope that I may contribute from time to time to the Secular Outpost in defense of commonsensible naturalism."
  • "If your debts are relatively baritone and you ease hit a commonsensible assign story applying for added bill with a 0\% or baritone welfare equilibrise could be an deciding to a debt compounding loan."
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