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Definition of "commensurable" [com•men•su•ra•ble]

  • Measurable by a common standard. (adjective)
  • Commensurate; proportionate. (adjective)
  • Mathematics Exactly divisible by the same unit an integral number of times. Used of two quantities. (adjective)

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Use "commensurable" in a sentence
  • "Now that which is of divine birth has a period which is contained in a perfect number, but the period of human birth is comprehended in a number in which first increments by involution and evolution (or squared and cubed) obtaining three intervals and four terms of like and unlike, waxing and waning numbers, make all the terms commensurable and agreeable to one another."
  • "Thinking of the U.S. government's role at home in terms commensurable with notions of "the new way of war" and "market states" is no less ludicrous for being logical."
  • "Productivity gains were in fact what lead to ever increasing amounts of disposable income for more than 100 years, but, by comparing housing costs, which is commensurable in regards to productivity because each of these sectors has had little influence from recent technological innovations, it becomes easier to understand how much influence ag subsidies have had."
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