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Definition of "collider" [col•lid•er]

  • Any of several forms of particle accelerator in which two opposing beams of particles collide (noun) : Text is available under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License

Use "collider" in a sentence
  • "Sure our most powerful super collider is no match for a Quasar or black hole but still, We are the gods of our world."
  • "Particle physics might make it “easy” to do these tests, if you think waiting three decades to build a suitable collider is easy, but the principle holds for AGW theory as well."
  • "Large Hadron collider is 27 Km in circumference and will accelerates protons to 99. 99999% the speed of light (I might not have gotten the right number of 9s, sorry if this spoils your calculations if you are trying this at home)."