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Definition of "codd" [codd]

  • A codger. (noun)

The Century Dictionary (Public Domain)

Use "codd" in a sentence
  • "The trouble began in the 1992 campaign, when Clinton did precisely what Dole chose not to do: he played politics with the China issue, winning points with Democratic Party constituencies -- labor unions and human-rights groups -- by lambasting George Bush for maintaining normal trade relations (most-favored nation means normal) and "codd [ling] tyrants" in Beijing."
  • "The meaning of [Greek: katochos] which has been interpreted in different ways, is established, I think, by the passages collected by Kroll, _Cat.codd. astrol. graec."
  • "[_Detlefsen_: quae _codd_] in Etruria factitata sint non est dubium. deorum tantum putarem ea fuisse, ni Metrodorus Scepsius, cui cognomen"
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