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Definition of "chrysoprase" [chrys•o•prase]

  • An apple-green chalcedony used as a gemstone. (noun)

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Use "chrysoprase" in a sentence
  • "Poet to dictate blank verse to the pretty young secretary, who curled both feet round one leg of her chair, told him that she "loved his potry more'n anythink she'd ever read" and asked how all the hard words like "chrysoprase" and "asphdel" were spelt."
  • "Whenever you speak of water, treat it as fire -- of fire, _vice versa_, as water; and be sure to send them all shattering out of reach and discrimination of all sense; and look into a dictionary for some such word as "chrysoprase," which we find to come from χρυσος gold, and πρασον a leek, and means a precious stone; it is capable of being shattered, together with "sunshine" -- the reader will think the whole passage a "flash" of moonshine."
  • "She makes 50 pieces a year using semiprecious stones such as aquamarines, hessonites, chrysoprase and pink tourmaline, and ranging from £800 to £50,000."