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Definition of "cattell" []

  • American psychologist and editor (1860-1944) (noun)
  • American psychologist (born in England) who developed a broad theory of human behavior based on multivariate research (1905-1998) (noun)

WordNet. Princeton University. 2010.

Use "cattell" in a sentence
  • "They delight in no arte nor science, except the warres, wherein they are expert, but for the most part they be pasturing people, and haue great store of cattell, which is all their riches."
  • "And we found since by experience, that the lesser sort of dogges they feede fatte, and keepe them as domesticall cattell in their tents for their eating, and the greater sort serue for the vse of drawing their sleds."
  • "In it, the author wrote of "a deepe snow: In which men and cattell have perished, To the generall losse of farmers, grasiers, husbandmen, and all sorts of people in the countrie; and no lesse hurtfull to citizens"."