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Definition of "bromide" [bro•mide]

  • A binary compound of bromine with another element, such as silver. (noun)
  • Potassium bromide. (noun)
  • A commonplace remark or notion; a platitude. See Synonyms at cliché. (noun)
  • A tiresome person; a bore. (noun)

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Use "bromide" in a sentence
  • "In 1901 he established that by decreasing the sodium chloride in food, potassium bromide is rendered so effective for the treatment of epilepsy that the therapeutic dose falls from 10 g to 2 g."
  • "Methyl bromide, which is heavily used on chemically grown strawberries, is one of the most toxic agricultural chemicals in use (toxic to humans and to the atmosphere)."
  • "The state Department of Pesticide Regulation will register methyl iodide as a substitute for the pesticide methyl bromide, which is being phased out by international treaty because it depletes the Earth's protective ozone layer."