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Definition of "blick" [blick]

  • To shine; gleam.
  • The brightening or iridescence appearing on silver or gold at the end of the cupeling or refining process. (noun)
  • Same as bleak. (noun)

The Century Dictionary (Public Domain)

Use "blick" in a sentence
  • "As Joe Pesci said in his best Afrikaans, "He's * blick*!""
  • "Dark Angel was set in a future in which terrorists had set off a nuclear device high in the atmosphere, created an electromagnetic pulse and in one swift second, set the U.S. back about 70 years in the blick of an eye."
  • "I've tried flax, dick blick art supply, university art supply, utrech, several art galleries, calumet photo and adolph gasser photo, light impressions. com, about ten galleries."