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Definition of "big gun" []

  • Slang One that is powerful or influential: The big guns for the prosecution were its expert witnesses. (noun)

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Use "big gun" in a sentence
  • "When it was time I got Mary up while the gun bearers got her rifle and my big gun from under the beds and checked the solids and the soft-nosed."
  • "Kongoni, the old gun-bearer, in the lead watching the blood spoor, Wilson watching the grass for any movement, his big gun ready, the second gun-bearer looking ahead and listening, Macomber close to Wilson, his rifle cocked, they had just moved into the grass when Macomber heard the blood-choked coughing grunt, and saw the swishing rush in the grass."
  • "We followed Droopy back in and it got worse and worse and I do not know about Pop but about halfway I changed to the big gun and kept the safety off and my hand over the trigger guard and I was plenty nervous by the time Droopy stopped and shook his head and whispered “Hapana.”"