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Definition of "befel" [befel]

  • A simplified spelling of befell.

The Century Dictionary (Public Domain)

Use "befel" in a sentence
  • "However, when they grew up sin befel between them; and, although I could hardly believe it, I confined him and chided him and threatened him with the severest threats; and the eunuchs and servants said to him: — Beware of so foul a thing which none be fore thee ever did, and which none after thee will ever do; and have a care lest thou be dishonoured and disgraced among the Kings of the day, even to the end of time."
  • "'befel' replaced by 'befell,' which appears in the 1828"
  • "He joined a troop o' Knights that cared For neither wounds nor scars, An' off he went to Palestine Where queer things him befel, An' varry seun forgot aboot The queer worm i' the well."