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Definition of "bastardise" [bastardise]

  • Alternative spelling of bastardize. (verb) : Text is available under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License

Use "bastardise" in a sentence
  • "PS you may be 18 but there's no excuse for using words like 'bastardise' in polite company."
  • "One of these intellectual tyrants, a man of great ability, when he quarrelled with any one, used to threaten to "bastardise" him, or to find the bend-sinister somewhere in his ancestry; and his experience in long genealogies made him feel assured, in the general case, of finding what he sought if he went far enough back for it."
  • "Think i'll give the issued webbing at batallion a try and just 'bastardise' it to my preference, definately want velcro tabs for the ammo pouches, those clips can be a pain in the arrse at times. although its changed a lot since i was in (3. 5yrs) issue webbing all the way, get a decent hippo pad as the issued one is crap and spend time your webbing right wearing a combat jacket and trying your bergan, day sack with it to."