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Definition of "bassoon" [bas•soon]

  • A low-pitched woodwind instrument with a double reed, having a long wooden body attached to a U-shaped lateral tube that leads to the mouthpiece. The range of this instrument is typically two octaves lower than that of the oboe. (noun)

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Use "bassoon" in a sentence
  • "During the rehearsal he suddenly stopped the orchestra and cried out: "F. sharp, F. sharp in the second bassoon is wrong", only to be answered by the first basson player, "Beg pardon, Sir, the second bassoon is absent today.""
  • "The Germans called this sound schwachsinnige Musik, but the vice-admiral's name for it-"bassoon"-was the one that stuck."
  • "Someone should also gently mention to Tilson-Thomas that the crowd that shows up for Takemitsu probably doesn't need the grownup version of the 'This instrument is called the bassoon! lecture."