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Definition of "bad luck" []

  • Misfortune. (noun) : Text is available under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License

Use "bad luck" in a sentence
  • "Yellow was the most valued color, a stroke of bad luck for species like Drepanis pacifica, the Hawaii mamo, with its bright yellow rump highlighted against a starling-black body."
  • "It was their bad luck that in the spring of 2002 a handwritten, anonymous letter arrived at the FBI office in Buffalo, New York, charging that terrorists had come to Lackawanna “for recruiting the Yemenite youth.”"
  • "Gigantic sea birds called albatrosses grew more and more numerous as they inched southward, but when an ambitious marine got out his musket because he fancied roast albatross for dinner, the crew restrained him in horror; it was bad luck to the ship to kill one of these kings of the air."