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Definition of "babiroussa" []

  • A large hoglike quadruped, of the genus Babyrousa, found in the East Indies, sometimes domesticated; the Indian hog. Its upper canine teeth or tusks are large and recurved. (noun) : Text is available under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License

Use "babiroussa" in a sentence
  • "The babiroussa is a species of wild hog, peculiar to the islands of Eastern Asia, and remarkable, in the male animal, for the extraordinary growth and direction of the canine teeth."
  • "The skull of a babiroussa, with the teeth fully developed, is in the possession of Mr. Bartlett, the able superintendent of the"
  • "At this period domestic animals were not numerous in the Moluccas, but among the wild animals the most curious were the _babiroussa_, an enormous wild boar with long tusks bent backwards; the opossum, a kind of didelphis a little larger than our squirrel; the phalanger,"
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